Stop Complaining and Start Participating

A substantial number of people complain about all the negativity in the news, in papers, and online. They wonder why no one is writing about the positive activities that are going on every day. Those same people go on to cite examples of local organizations or programs that help many with a hand up rather than a hand out. People are quick to post rants on their social media pages about events, stories, or examples of positive things that go unnoticed, but do nothing else beyond that to help correct the situation. Do not complain about it, do something about it.

Set aside some time, or a bit of money, to contribute to all the positive things happening in the community. People do not need to go to extremes to make a difference, they just have to participate in some small way. Those who are grateful for a roof over their heads, for example, can volunteer a weekend to help build a home for someone who needs one. Those who do not have to worry where their next meal is coming from can gather a few friends together, go to the grocery store for ingredients, and help cook a meal at the local food pantry. Do that once a week, or even once a month, to help out the community. Donate clothing to charity, recycle for the environment, and get involved.

Another way to participate is to help spread the word about the positive efforts that are making a real difference in the lives of others. Write an article, submit a blog post, or participate in an event or rally that beings attention to how regular people are changing their corners of the world. Organizations, companies, non-profits, individuals, and schools are doing great things every day. Refuse to let those efforts go unnoticed.

Several websites that focus on positive aspects of events, efforts, and life, like A Plus, for example, are encouraging readers to write articles about what is taking place in their areas. Some sites pay for articles under certain circumstances. Follow editorial guidelines for each site, and submit an article. Increase the number of positive articles circulating online, make people in the community aware of the positive things going on around them, and inspire more people to create simple solutions to improve situations.